Traditional Quilt Workshops

Traditional Quilt Workshops will always take at least one full day of instruction. I have found that it can be beneficial to stretch the single day workshops into two shorter days due to "quilter's fatigue". However, two days does increase the lodging/meal cost to the event, a single long day is possible for classes that are 9 hours or less in duration. 

The event timing will influence whether or not you should schedule a half-day, one-day, or multiple days to fit the course into your program. Contact me to discuss if you have questions about times. All course hours are estimated based on average completion times; so a specific group may take a bit less or more. Class size will also influence the ability to finish even within a given time.

Full patterns are provided in class to all attendees at no additional charge. Fabric requirements and any agreed upon "pre-cutting" instructions are provided to the group ahead of class time as negotiated with the event planner.

Here are the available Traditional Quilt Workshops (w/ est. scheduling time):

Traditional Quilt Workshops:

Kite Medallion
(8 hr)

Weaving Ribbons
(9 hrs)

Celtic Candy Stripes
(12 hrs)