2019 C&T Publications,
Stunning Stitches for Crazy Quilts includes full size templates for embroidery marking, 
plus 480 Embroidered Seam Designs shown in full color diagrams. There are full instructions and
loads of beautiful inspiring photos to enjoy!
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2015-2017, Create Space-Amazon Press
These three books are designed to work together to provide a comprehensive study about crazy quilting embellishment. Each can also stand alone as a reference for that specific area of study. Volume I - Beyond the Basics is perfect for a novice quilter, wanting to really understand how to create crazy quilts easily. It includes information about color selection, types of fabrics and embellishments, full-size block patterns, instruction on fiber and silk ribbon embroidery stitches, and embroidery motif designs. Volume II - Ribbon Embellishments is a technique focused study in silk ribbon embroidery, other ribbon flowers, and using shibori ribbon to create shapes for seahorses, peacocks, etc. There is a full section on different monograms created in various techniques, to include silk ribbon flowers. Volume III - Fancy Seam Designs is a full color catalog of 500 crazy quilt seam designs using simple fiber embroidery as the basic seam, and then adding embellishments in silk ribbon embroidery, fiber embroidery, buttons, beads, sequins, and other elements. With all three references you'll never run out of ideas for your crazy quilt creations!

2011 Create Space - Amazon Press
Embellishing Crazy Quilts is a workbook printed in black/white. It is suitable for novice quilters and covers basic seams that have minimal beads and no silk ribbon embroidery. These seams work really well on quilts that are indicative of Vintage style crazy quilt work or for quilts that need to be laundered after completion.